Foods To Be Avoided In Pregnancy

Dr. Tina Sapra tells you about all the foods that you should completely-completely avoid when you’re pregnant

Foods that you should completely-completely avoid when you’re pregnant. Alcohol tops, the list, try not to have alcohol when you’re pregnant, limit your coffee intake to no more than two to three cups in a day. If you can avoid coffee completely, please do. Raw fish, raw eggs, and raw meats – try and avoid because they do increase your chances of infection.

Fish is very high in mercury, and we do not want pregnant women to have fish or any raw meats, processed meats, things like salami, sausages that are best avoided because they do increase the risk of infection in pregnant women. Vegetables should not be consumed raw. They should always be boiled or steamed before you consume your vegetables. Try and have more fruits with peels that you can take the peel off again, anything that is raw, which can cause infection in you while you’re pregnant should be avoided.