Constipation in Pregnancy

Constipation is a common problem when pregnant, but how you can avoid it and improve it – learn in this video

A common problem that we see in women who are pregnant is constipation. And that is basically due to the high amount of iron that you’re consuming in foods and in your prenatal vitamins. So we do encourage that you take your iron supplement if you are on any additional, other than your prenatal with orange juice. Orange juice, the vitamin C in orange juice helps you absorb the iron better and, can reduce constipation.

Also having a high fiber diet, don’t eat your vegetables raw, but having steamed or boiled vegetables with each meal, lunch, dinner, keeping your water intake high do ease your constipation. So make sure that you have steamed or boiled vegetables with your meals and your water intake should be high.

That way the ball does not get stuck in your, intestine, which is in any way compressed because of the baby and you know, your diaphragm moving up, helps ease constipation.