Sources of Protein in Your Diet

Dr. Tina Sapra talks about the key foods – veg and non-veg that you should include in your diet to get good protein

So good protein sources for a vegetarian could be legumes, could be cottage cheese, could be peanut butter, could be cream cheese. How you can incorporate these in your daily meals is, for example, let’s pick up breakfast, having bread with cottage cheese, or having a paneer parantha, is a good option for breakfast, including sprouts make sure they’re boiled, don’t have raw sprouts.

Having cooked sprouts, having cooked legumes is another way of increasing vegetarian protein. For, for a mid-morning snack, having Apple slices with peanut butter or crackers with cream cheese, or, having some veggies with hummus. Those are good ways of incorporating protein into a vegetarian diet.

Coming to a non-vegetarian diet, including eggs in your breakfast, having maybe a lean source of protein, like chicken or fish. Well fish, no, we don’t encourage fish usually when a woman is pregnant. But having lean sources of meat, like chicken or eggs, and including vegetarian sources as well, having maybe cottage cheese or peanut butter or cream cheese in your diet helps a lot of vegetarian and non-vegetarian women during their pregnancy. Have ground flour, so that’s another very good source of protein that you can include in your diet.