Importance of Nutrients

Here is what to eat to have a balanced diet while being in line with the food guide pyramid and to healthy and fit

Having a balanced diet, following the food guide pyramid is something that allows you to be healthy and fit. So we have carbohydrates. Carbohydrates are your primary source of energy. You burn carbohydrates and your body gets energy. It’s the basic fuel for your body. Proteins are the essential building blocks.

They help in muscle repair and growth, fats are needed for, a thermogenic effect. So they keep your body at a certain temperature. Micronutrients: when we talk about micronutrients, you have, vitamins, you have minerals that are needed for basic functions that happen in the body. So if you have a deficiency of a micronutrient, like for example, if you have a deficiency of iodine, you know, we do understand that it results in things like Goiter.

So micronutrients are something that makes sure that the macronutrient absorption in the body happens at its full potential.