Morning Sickness during Pregnancy

Dr. Tina talks about how when pregnant you can get over your morning sickness and foods that will help you in it

We do see in pregnant women, women, a lot of women, you know, complain of morning sickness. So if it gets to a point where you’re throwing up every morning and it has turned into hyperemesis, then you should be consulting your gynecologist. If it is occasional morning sickness, we do encourage you to eat small frequent meals throughout the day.

Waking up to maybe a carbonated soda kind of settles the acid down in the morning. When you wake up throughout the day or waking up with crackers, something as simple as playing salty crackers, that kind of settles your acid and prevents, the morning sickness that a lot of women face.

But again, if it is becoming an everyday issue and if you’re not able to keep your food down, and if you’re throwing up after every meal, it is a medical need and you do need to talk to your gynecologist about it.