High Blood Sugar Levels In Pregnancy

Dr. Tina Sapra talks about how to bring down high blood sugar levels during pregnancy by controlling weight and diet

When you are pregnant, your doctor will do a blood sugar test to tell you how well you’re controlling your blood sugars. If you do test high on your blood sugars and are not yet classified as being gestationally diabetic, then you still have a fair chance. So try and increase your exercise, try and include a 30-minute walk morning and evening, try and avoid simple sugars, try and have complex carbohydrates, try and have, a lot of water because of that kind of brings your blood sugar down.

But maintaining a healthy weight if usually, we see, sugar is going high when you’re pregnant. If the weight gain in the earlier trimester of your pregnancy is high. Try not to gain that much weight during your further trimesters, try and control your weight by exercising, and by having a diet that is very well balanced.

Keeping your carbohydrates and simple sugars especially in carbohydrates to a bare minimum. Complex carbohydrates – wheat is a complex carbohydrate. Try and avoid sweets, try and avoid desserts, try and avoid adding sugar to your beverages. Those are simple ways that you can do in your daily life to reduce simple sugars going into your diet. Having, different kinds of flours like bajra or ragi or, having cereals like Kinova.

You know, these kinds of things that are higher in protein and have more complex sugars that the body actually needs to work to break down are good sources of including in your diet.