Water Birth

Dr. Ameet Dhurandhar talks about how giving birth in water helps the mother and moreover soothes the process for the baby

So how water birthing helps. Right. So basically gentle birthing is all about relaxation. Now, what happens is when a person enters the water, like who doesn’t like to jump in a hot tub, right? So when the mother is relaxed, that time, the good hormones flow, the endorphins flow and the cascade of good hormones, oxytocin, prostaglandin, etc. start flowing and your body opens up.

So your labor is faster, it is less painful and stressful, and it’s easier without any medical intervention. But, so there are two options: so one is that you can birth in water – that’s water birthing or you can do hydro birthing where you just, labor in water and you birth outside.

So it all depends on the individual. Sometimes I have mothers who want to do a water birth. But they, they jump in the pool, and then suddenly they realize they are very uncomfortable, so they get out of it. So whatever moves your boat at that time, you should just follow your body.