Importance Of Position During Labor

The best position for labor is the one that the woman and the baby wants. Though being vertical is best and easy for both.

Various positions in labor are very important because the worst position is actually lying on your back because that’s when fetal distress happens the most. So what I do is I let the mother lead her labor. I’m just a guide. I’m just hovering around to make sure everything is okay, but she is the leader.

So she attains whatever position she wants, whatever position the baby wants. And, it is easy, especially in water. If you’re on all fours or if you’re against the, leaning against the wall of the pool, it is much easier, for the mother to deal with the pain. And if you’re vertical, it is easier for the baby also, due to gravity to labor faster.

Even outside without water, I let the mothers assume any position, but if there is fetal distress then obviously I have to tell the mother to lie down and then re-assess the situation. I also use birthing stools, where the mother can sit and, it is with gravity the baby can come out more easily.