Consciousness in Preconception Stage

As we stand at the threshold, contemplating parenthood, it is important to acknowledge the spiritual nature of our babies. Studies and research now show us that babies have an innately spiritual nature; a transcendental consciousness that is there even before they are conceived. Many people in therapy can access these early preconception memories.

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In her book Welcoming Consciousness, Wendy Ann McCarty presents evidence of the presence of a non-physical awareness, an implicit spiritual self. She says ‘The biological human self is the explicit expression of this consciousness.’






Another pioneer in the field of pre and perinatal psychology, Willam Emerson speaks of perceptual capacity or witness Consciousness that is out of the body and is then embodied as a memory that we may hold from the earliest times as postures, movement, and belief about our self. He speaks of this memory in the body and works with the body. “One of the central concepts of this field is the notion that mind preexists the nervous system; that there is a level that the conceptus is aware of essential qualities of feeling present in its inception …” (Emerson, William R – Somatotropic Therapy)

This is not a new notion. Our ancient texts name this consciousness as atma or soul. There is a resonance of idea of this “presence” and therefore the Will of the being to manifest. Of the various samskaras or rite of passages listed in our Vedas, Garbadhan Sanskar reflects this philosophy in spirit. The parent’s intention is like a beacon of welcome. Their actions thereafter generate a resonant field for the baby to choose them and manifest. The reproductive process we know is the pathway of this
manifestation but is not as simple as egg meets sperm. If that were true then, every egg meet sperm would add up to a baby. There is much more at play in the coming of every baby.

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