Trust yourself – your instincts, body & baby

Women are made strong by nature and can give birth naturally and feed their infants, so trust yourself and your body for it knows it all.

Hi, my name is Caro Robert. I’ve grown up in Australia and I now live in Canada. I’m a registered nurse lactation consultant and, I have a Bachelor’s in Maternal-Child Health. I think one of the message that is really important to share is that I gave birth to my first son. I have four, without a mother or a father because they had passed away.

And I really had no support around me at all. But I’d been given the gift of a wonderful mother and a wonderful father and a wonderful family. And I was given the instincts of knowing how important I can, how important it is to trust myself when everyone else around me was telling me, breastfeeding is okay.

It’s a good thing, but it’s okay to give formula. My husband was not breastfed and I trusted myself. I trusted myself for my birth. I gave birth without any assistance. I was in the hospital, but it was my birth. I put my infant, my son to my breast and he breastfed. And he breastfed for a year. I have four sons and my final, my fourth son breastfed for almost four years.

It’s important to share our knowledge and it’s important to share to our children, particularly our sons, that we have the ability to know our own bodies and to truly believe that we’re capable. Women are strong. Women are able to feed their infants. They’re able to give birth to their infants and they have to trust themselves.

So my message to you is to trust your body. It knows what to do. Trust your baby. Your baby knows how to feed.