Ideal Diet for Breastfeeding Mothers

When lactating staying hydrated at all times is the key and having a diet that’s good in carbohydrates, protein, and fats

So now you’ve had the baby and you’re ready to breastfeed. So what should a lactating mother be taken care of? So if you’re a lactating mother, we do encourage you to consume 300 calories more than what your daily caloric needs should be. So let’s say if your weight is about 60 kgs, you’d need about 1200 calories.

Then you should be consuming a diet that is about 1500 calories. Your milk supply depends upon how well hydrated you are. So keeping your water intake high is a good way of producing more milk. To make sure that your milk is nutritious for the baby, having again, a very well balanced diet is something that we encourage.

So now have a diet that’s good in carbohydrates, have a diet good in protein, have a diet good in fats. So make sure you eat a healthy diet if you want the quality of your milk to be good and stay well hydrated if you want the quantity of your milk to be good.