Importance Of Folic Acid

When you’re planning a pregnancy, learn in this video why it is always good to start having folic acid to avoid defects in babies

So when you’re planning a pregnancy, it’s always good to start, having folic acid because that does prevent neural birth defects. So talking to your gynecologist about getting on a folic acid supplement, is essential. Also, try and limit your caffeine intake. Do no more than three to four cups in a day.

Try and eat a well-balanced diet, high in protein. Limit, limit your carbohydrates because they do, we do see women who have a lot of carbohydrates while they’re planning a baby end up with gestational diabetes. If there is no activity involved. So we’ll try and get active, try and get fit, and have a well-balanced diet with adequate fat, adequate-protein, and maybe a little bit less amount of the recommended amount of carbohydrate intake.