Shivakumar Belavadi

Prenatal and Perinatal Psychology and Health


Shivakumar Belavadi (a.k.aBabaji) is based out of Bangalore, India.

He is an initiate of Shivanetra- an ancient spiritual lineage of India. He has undergone rigorous training from powerful spiritual mentors in the lineage, receiving guidance and knowledge in the tutelage of Guru MaaSkandameeraShivanetra. He has been groomed to undertake practices and actions for Holistic Spiritual Development.

In his early years, he was guided into spiritual awareness and practices of Pooja, Agnihotra, Japa, Dhyana and disciplic chanting by his father, Sri B.N.Srikantaiya, who subsequently adopted monk-hood under the nomenclature of Paramahamsa Swami Swaroopanandendra Saraswathi.

He has formally studied astrology for 3 years at BharatiyaJyotishaSamsthana and attained Masters Qualification in Astrology (Jyotisha Acharya). Thereafter, under the guidance of Guru MaaSkandameera, he has practiced the nuances and engendered a fusion of Astrology and GarbhaVijnana, the ancient Vedic Pre and Perinatal Sciences.

Babaji, as he is referred to in India, is the Founder & Managing Trustee of the Shivanetra Trust, formally founded in 2014. The Trust provides the impetus for all the activities of Shivanetralineage. It primarily focuses on imparting learning and the spreading of ancient Indian Wisdom and its expressions through modern sciences – including those from the Vedas, Upanishads, Bhagavad Gita, Tripura Rahasya. The activities and learning are all based on a holistic understanding of a Human Being and the linkages with the Universe – through both the Vedantic and Tantric approaches. The learning and practices are based on the foundations of Yantra, Mantra, Chandas, Tantra and their integration. He has done extensive research on the Sri Yantra and applied the knowledge to harness its power for Prenatal and Perinatal Education. A unique methodology called Lahari developed by him has helped in the empowerment of over 1000 babies and parents.

From 2014 Babaji has also been deeply involved in the development of Omnio Future, an organization given seed to empower parents through a fine blend of ‘Modern Sciences and Ancient Wisdom’. He functions as a Mentor for pre and perinatal education. Many parents wishing to take up conscious conception, in-utero grooming of a child in the womb and holistic development of infants have been trained and guided by him in the traditions of Omnio Future. Children, teenagers, adults, educators, and socially aware individuals are coached by him, in-house at Omnio Learning Centres(presently functioning in Bangalore, Surat, Coimbatore in India and Campinas, Sao Paulo Brazil), which focus actualization of Human Potential.