Baby’s Connection Pathways

A baby has 20 different primitive reflexes that are crucial and are the pathways that open up within the baby to be able to experience the world outside.

So we have recognized at least about 20 different primitive reflexes of the baby. And some of them are very crucial for the baby to actually go and attach with the mother’s breast and like a crawling reflex, a rooting reflex, and a sucking reflex. These are reflexes from, these are actually pathways that open up within the baby to be able to, you know, experience the world outside.

The world outside is experienced through oral experience. So there are sensory systems that are actually inbuilt in our mouth that allow us to experience the world. And that’s the first contact with the world. And which is why you see your baby constantly wanting to suck, you know during infancy time, and when the baby starts to grow a bit, everything that is around the baby goes into the mouth. And then we are constantly kind of snatching those things away from the baby.

Sometimes, we don’t recognize that the learning process is being hampered. When we stop this process of learning connection, attachment, recognition, and integration. All these processes happen through the mouth, and those are connections through our brain, from the mouth that is very essential to understand.